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Hello and welcome to Brandleit

Brandleit is more than just a luxury chalet in the Alps, not just the perfect hideaway in Zillertal
but the authentic organic mountain farm in absolute seclusion on the sunny side of the Zillertal.
Built in 1885, the farmhouse tells a special story. We call it the story of the luxury of simple life.

The farm in Hart in Zillertal has been owned by the Gschößer family over four generations. Between 2016 and 2019, the residential building was refurbished carefully and with great attention to detail. Now the Brandleit opens its doors for the first time to vacationers, travelers and peace seekers from all over the world. For us Brandleit is a special place, a source of strength for body, mind and soul,
difficult to put into words, but easy to experience.

the house
love in the detail

We say it's handcrafted,
but really, it comes from
the heart.

In Brandleit the love is in the detail
and we want to share that with you.

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