History of the Brandleit

The mountain farm in Zillertal - since 1885

Brandleit is more than a luxury chalet in the Alps or the perfect hideaway for those seeking peace and quiet from all over the world. It is an authentic mountain farm in absolute seclusion in Hart in Zillertal. Built in 1885 – as can still be seen on the gable today – Brandleit has been home to different residents for 135 years. For many years it was home of a simple small mountain farmer family. The traces of this period can still be seen everywhere in Brandleit, as the house has remained in it’s place since it was built – in a particularly idyllic location on the Hartberg, surrounded by meadows, forests, water and an incredibly quiet, secluded atmosphere.

Managed by the Gschößer family over four generations

Sophie and Peter Gschößer acquired Brandleit on 26.06.1939. They lived with their sons Johann and Peter on the mountain farm “Ried” at over 1,200 meters on the Großhartberg. In the 1960s, the Brandleit was handed over to the next generation. Peter Gschößer, together with his wife Anna and sons Hans and Sepp, managed the Brandleit for many years until they were replaced by the third generation – son Sepp and Sonja Gschößer – in the 1980s.

Even if one has the feeling that the clocks on the Brandleit tick differently, here too time does not stand still. Residents and needs changed and so Peter Gschößer renovated the premises for the first time in the 1960s and extended them with a bedroom and a bathroom. From 2016 to 2019, we – Silvia Gschößer and Markus Rist – have cautiously renovated Brandleit with carefully selected materials and we made it a unique retreat and recreation place for you, your families and friends.

Silvia and Markus
Silvia and Markus
Sonja and Josef
Sonja and Josef
Anna and Peter
Anna and Peter
Sophie and Peter
Sophie and Peter

The Brandleit shines in new splendor and invites you to become
part of it’s history – the history of the luxury of simple life.

The residential building of the Brandleit was exclusively renovated, refurbished and transformed into a unique holiday retreat for you. The Brandleit offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday – and much more.

Brandleit earlier
Brandleit House Formerly
Peter with family
Brandleit 2019

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