The bedchamber

In Brandleit you will have a total of four bedrooms on the upper floor. The bedchamber is the so-called Master Bedroom. With an oversized (200×210) super comfy boxspring bed you feel like the “Princess and the pea” in this room. . From the bed you can either enjoy the stars, the full moon or the view into the valley.

Over the stairs you reach from the bed chamber directly your very own living room.

The blue room

The blue room owes its name to the original blue farmhouse furniture from the 1930s. For a long time, the elaborately painted furniture was the traditional dowry for newlyweds in Zillertal. One could therefore give this room the name “bridal suite”. It has a very cuddly double bed and a second double bed, which can be used as a living and relaxation area, but also as a sleeping area for another two people.

Room Blue

The chambers

On the back of the upper floor there are two very comfortable spruce wood chambers. A room with a bunk bed (for 2 persons)and a centrally positioned window with an unobstructed view of the valley exudes a classic Zillertal hut flair. Another room with a super comfortable Boxspring double bed (for 2 persons) is the ideal retreat for people who are particularly sensitive to light and sound.

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