The modern retro kitchen

The kitchen is certainly the heart of Brandleit. It has always been the place where everyone meet. This is not least because of the cosiness and comforting warmth of the original preserved “Grantlherd” (stove with hot water tank). A comfortable corner bench for 8 people offers enough space for the whole family. Our restored sideboard is equipped with lovingly selected, very high-quality porcelain and everything else you need for a nicely set table.

The minimalist 1960s style is reminiscent of the charm of bygone days. “Cooking like in the past” is easy but not absolutely necessary in Brandleit. “Behind the kitchen” is a a fully equipped modern kitchen with fridge, freezer, electric cooker, oven, coffee maker, milk frother, toaster, kettle, and much more. The highlight in the kitchen is the particularly fast and efficient dishwasher that cleans your dishes in just a few minutes. From tablecloth to cooking and washing dishes, the Brandleit kitchen is a real experience and becomes the centre of your holiday.

Brandleit kitchen
Brandleit kitchen detail
Brandleit kitchen window
Brandleit dining table
Brandleit coffee service
Brandleit stove
Brandleit kitchen
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